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Bryan Stone – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Stone founder of The Real Estate Connections, has been building companies for over 38 years, starting with his first at the age of 19. Mr. Stone built the first indoor skate park in the basement of a mall and was responsible for marketing and promotions. Four years later as the national sales director for a national Distributor, he led the way by introducing sailboards, snowboards, and roller blades, increasing first year sales to over 3 million dollars. He has bought and sold trucking, limousine, and distributing companies, and has been responsible for sales, marketing, and leadership. He is the co-founder of Road Track, one of the first GPS tracking companies in the country. He also founded Court Land Property Management buying and selling over 120 properties per year as well as managing their portfolio of over 150 properties. As a public speaker, he holds seminars in real estate as well as other business criteria.

what type of real state investor are you?

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    Ready to get your hands dirty? If you are one of those that likes to Understand and Control all areas of your Investing, TREC can provide the Resources necessary to ensure your Success!

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    If your time is limited, you need to surround yourself with the Right TEAM to work on your behalf. TREC has the experienced Professionals that can allow you to be successful.

  • do it with me

    Partnering in Real Estate Investing can be the Best way to leverage your strengths and find Help where you are not as strong!

waec love 860: an atlanta orignial

WAEC is Altanta’s Inspirational Talk Radio. We are the longest running religious talk radio station in the Atlanta Area. Our programming features a wide variety of local and national ministries from some of the most prominent broadcasters in the industry including: J. Vernon McGee, Albert Pendarvis, Ken Hagin and many well known local pastors. We also feature a wide variety of health, lifestyle, and entertainment programs.

WAEC (860 AM) is a local Atlanta area radio station (licensed to the city of Atlanta, Georgia). The station originally was a 1000 watt daytimer. In the mid-80s, it expanded to 5,000 watts, then was given a 24 hour signal. It now broadcasts at a frequency of 860 kHz with 5,000 watts of power during the daytime and 500 watts during nighttime hours.

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