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Did You Know?

  • Radio reaches over 240 million “unique” listeners every week! That’s 94% of the population of the U.S. Yet according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, that staggering figure is only the tip of the iceberg in the real story about Radio’s relationship with consumers. Because Radio connects with its listeners, it not only reaches just about everyone, it delivers an audience that is genuinely engaged.
  • Radio’s ability to draw in consumers with lifestyle-specific programming and personalities has not been matched by any existing or emerging media. The real-world effectiveness of Radio advertising is the medium’s power to reach and influence specific target consumers by playing an integral role in their lifestyle. Through Radio advertiser will increase sales, establish brand identity, and drive traffic to the point of purchase.
  • Every business must have a marketing budget and a plan of execution in order to be successful. Radio can be one of the more cost efficient ways to maximize your business exposure.

Real Estate & Radio:

This show reaches thousands of real estate investor’s world-wide and educates them in the Do’s and Don’ts of investing. Expert guest informs our listeners in how and what to do in real estate investing. Real Estate Investing is one of the safest forms of investing there is, real estate is never going away and they’re always building more of it. Get your name in front of thousands of listeners each week.


Our Audience & Demographics:


AM 860 proudly serves a loyal and diverse group of listeners Age: 18-60 Gender: 51% male, 49% female Cultural: broad and diverse from every ethnicity Education: generally higher educated and degreed Income: significant level of disposable income Interests: talk, new music, independent artists, inspiration, spirituality, information, health, education, finance, entertainment, travel, lifestyle General Audience Statistics

The potential listening audience in the Metro Atlanta area exceeds 6.1 million. Current radio industry research indicates: 90% listen to radio daily 95% listen while in the car 76% listen up to three hours per day 64% listen for weather 61% listen for traffic 60% listen for a specific show


General Audience Statistics

The potential listening audience in the Metro Atlanta area exceeds 6.1 million. Current radio industry research indicates:

1. 90% Listen to Radio Daily 2. 95% Listen While in the Car
3. 76% Listen Up to Three Hours Per Day 4. 64% Listen for Weather
5. 61% Listen for traffic 6. 60% Listen for a Specific Show

We Are:

The Cutting-Edge Connection sets the standard for professionalism and quality on-air broadcasting. Regardless of the type of business or industry, we’ve established a well documented record for providing comprehensive promotional solutions to our clientele.

As Host of The Cutting-Edge Connection an educational talk radio shows. Miss. Sophia White and Mr. Bryan Stone educate their listening audience and real estate investors with the Do’s and Don’ts of Real-Estate Investing. Our daily programming schedule is a broad and entertaining mix of talk, news, entertainment, and lifestyle broadcasting that focuses on the issues that matter to Americans and the multicultural community. This dynamic talk show featuring Real Estate and Investment Strategies commentary – our hosts keep the entire community on the cutting edge of today’s world!

The Cutting-Edge Connections Radio Show:

iheartradio, Tunein & iRadionow

AM 860 can be found on the three premiere streaming applications in the market. Our radio station is accessible to more than 230 million weekly listeners on these networks. In today’s mobile-driven environment, we make our station available to listeners all over the world wherever they choose – 24/7 Now Mobile Streaming Apps     


Cutting Edge Rates:

Guest Appearance: 15- 30 minute’ Ask about the rates per show

The Cutting-Edge Connections airs 5 days a week Monday -Thursday @ 1.15pm and Saturdays @ 9am

2/15 seconds per show= 6/15 second per week =24/15 per month Only-$1000 per month

2/30 seconds per show= 6/30 seconds per week=24/30 per month Only- $1500 per month

Tags: In Out spots:  $75.00 each

Web Site Banners: $50.00 per month Over 600,000 hits per month

Voice-over Talent Onetime Fee: $150.00 per spots

Reach over 100k via meetup groups for maximum business exposure for only $250.00 per month

All Advertisers are listed on our Facebook Page and on our Website Rate:

Property Listings:   $50 onetime set up and $25.00 for 15 listing or less$40 for up to 35 Listings

Web Banners:                     $100.00 per month


Advertise with Us:

We provide business owners, independent artists, visionaries, and even private citizens with the opportunity to host their show with the potential of millions of listeners in the Atlanta market or worldwide. Radio is a time-tested way of keeping individuals connected with news, the latest trends and even international heritage.

All Advertising is paid in advance.

All Advertisers must have their add copy in the studio or taped 72 hours before show time. You can link up to us so your customers can hear the Newest and Hottest Real Estate Investor radio show in the ATL. Request today your broadcasting agreement and get The Cutting-Edge Connection!!!!!