TREC Intro

TREC -   A Shift In The Market
The Company - The Real Estate Connections (TREC)
 TREC is a new breed of Real Estate company. TREC is a One Stop Shop for Real Estate entrepreneurs and investors.
The Problem
Most Real Estate entrepreneurs and investors are at a loss for direction to profitability. They need a solid foundation to work from. They also need direction for their daily activities.
Considering the merits of a so called Named Brand.
 There are multiple directions being considered by Real Estate entrepreneurs.
  1. Brokers and entrepreneurs who have been private label are looking for potential affiliation.
  2.  Existing Franchisee’s are looking to either go Private Label or to switch brands do to the lack of service and or excessive fee’s from their existing Franchisor.
  3.  Some agents who have been with RE/MAX for 20 years want their own company but know they cannot go RE/MAX due to the fact there are too many RE/MAX offices in a given market whereby the offices are unprofitable.
A broker asked me not long ago, is there a better way? A way to have a one stop shop in the Real Estate arena. A system to Buy, Sell, Insure, Finance, Hard Money for Investors, Contractors, etc.  He actually was thinking the right way. It’s called Reverse Thinking. Do the unexpected and be more exclusive in a given market. Do the opposite of your competition and you might be surprised at how successful you will be!
The Power of Branding
Brands come and go. Remember RCA and Zenith TV’s? Sony BetaMax. Merrill Lynch Real Estate was purchased by Prudential because the ML management team could not figure out how to make the returns they wanted. Gallery of Homes dissolved, Prudential sold out to Warren Buffet. The Edsel, Mercury, Pontiac and Oldsmobile are gone. Remember GM went bankrupt. They had too many brands and hats to take care of. Ford almost had the same problem but woke up just in time. They got rid of Land Rover, Aston Martin, Volvo, Jaguar and other partnerships so they could focus. Now they are very profitable.
There will always be a new Brand because there will always be improvement to existing brands that slowly die out. Some are purchased just to shut them down or merge into something else.
The inability to change with the times can foster a brands demise.
It takes a strong leader with the right System in place to build a business. And, the right young entrepreneurs of today want to work hard to build their future in Real Estate.
There is a new Brand here now that will always be improving on existing brands that slowly die out. TREC is that new Brand!
Can you succeed on your own. Hundreds have. You don’t need to buy a franchise to be successful in the real estate business.
We have a different philosophy at TREC. We will disrupt the Real Estate industry by creating a Brand that is on the leading edge of new technology in this environment.
Many things have changed in the Real Estate business. Systems, technology, corporate leadership, and the financial condition of TREC is attracting many new entrepreneurs to the new Real Estate One Stop Shop.
The Training System
There is a link on YouTube featuring Earl Nightingale.  It’s a short 6-minute video that has been on YouTube for some time. Over 170,000 people have viewed this video.
After viewing it the message hit home. As a Real Estate consultant and coach to Real Estate entrepreneurs, I am struck by the poor quality of training many new Real Estate franchisees’s and entrepreneurs received.  Real Estate brokers and entrepreneurs  invest huge dollars in attempting to build a successful business. Many will buy a franchise from one of the major brands thinking it will enhance their image in the market.
Sometimes it will work and many times it will not. The problem starts with inferior franchise training and poor follow up by the franchisor to insure proper execution of what was taught.
At TREC, we have cutting edge simple easy to implement training.
Something To Think About
Why pay some franchisor a tens of thousands of dollars up front and renewal fees when they want you to also pay them monthly fees based upon your success and not theirs? Ponder that!
TREC has a low entry Licensing Fee of $999, and $99 a month.