TREC Membership

The Real Estate Connections (TREC)  Lifetime Membership License Agreement
TREC is primarily a Real Estate Services Company located in the state of Georgia, USA, that exposes its members to many ways of earning additional income through the buying, selling, leasing, and education of and about Real Estate.
The TREC Lifetime Membership License does have its privileges. Members will have the opportunity to learn how to buy and sell Real Estate, go to Real Estate Boot Camps at a discount, meet other successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs, meet Private Lenders, learn how to lease Real Estate, learn how to rehab houses and much much more!
A new prospective member may purchase a TREC Platinum Lifetime Membership License for $999, for a limited time, to the next 500 Real Estate Entrepreneurs. Monthly Membership Dues of $99 will be due every month beginning the second month of membership.
TREC will also offer to 100 Real Estate Entrepreneurs the TREC Blu Lifetime Memberhsip License for a limited time for only $1,999. This Membership License has additional benefits, such as a deep discount on Boot Camps as well as other benefits to be added in the future. Monthly Membership Dues of $99 will be due every month beginning the second month of membership.
Example of added value for TREC Blu Membership License:
A TREC 3 day Boot Camp Member discount price is $3,999. A Blu Member Licensee would be allowed to pay only $1,999 instead of $3,999 for this Boot Camp, thereby recouping their initial commitment of $1,999.
Any TREC licensee who completes a Real Estate transaction within 12 weeks of becoming a member, remains in good standing with TREC, and can show a profit of $10,000 or more, will be refunded their initial commitment of their particular membership, whether Platinum or Blu. In return, member gives TREC the right to use members’ transaction in advertising and promotion as TREC sees fit.
TREC reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone.
This TREC Lifetime License Agreement is for exclusive use by one person only. Licensee agrees that he/she will not attempt to share their personal membership with anyone else. If a member is found to be in violation of this agreement in any way, it is grounds for immediate termination of their TREC Lifetime Membership License Agreement.
TREC Members are encouraged to introduce other prospective members to The TREC Membership License. TREC will compensate you for the successful introduction of your personal prospect and their subsequent purchase of a TREC Lifetime Membership License.
If Member defaults on their monthly obligation, TREC shall have the option to cancel this TREC Membership License Agreement. Member shall have 21 days to cure the default.
Licensee agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Licensor from and agianst any and all losses, claims, liabilities, and expenses, including but not limited too, reasonable attorney’s fees, if any, which Licensee may suffer or incur in connection with Licensee’s possession, use or misuse of the information gained by and through this TREC Membership License, in association with TREC.
The first 500 TREC Membership Licensee’s who have paid their monthly $99 on time for 60 months will be considered “Paid Up” and never be required to pay any more $99 monthly TREC Membership Dues.
Print the agreement here  TREC MEMBERSHIP